The Importance of Being More Than Just a Mom

The Importance of Being More Than Just a Mom - Chic and Domestic

After a long week of doing the mom thing, and with a new busy week ahead, I’m learning the importance of reflecting back on my week. What I’ve learned, how I felt, and all of the tiny things that I didn’t take the time to appreciate. I need to start appreciating the importance of being more than  just a mom.

With my busy week finally coming to an end, my thoughts are lingering on something that I don’t believe I took enough time to appreciate; myself. I know I know, who has time to think about themselves when they’re busy being supermom? When you’re in charge of a tiny person or two, keeping your significant other’s head attached to his shoulders, and overall just making sure the house doesn’t burn to the ground, it’s easy to forget about yourself and put your needs on the back burner.

Fathers sometimes get the acknowledgment for being “the head of the household”, but in reality the mother is definitely, without a doubt, what holds the head in place to keep it balanced. Being a mother who does things alone can quite possibly make it even harder to find quality time for yourself, but the truth is, you have to MAKE TIME.

Fun fact, you can’t take care of everyone else all the time, when you aren’t taking care of yourself. Also, you can’t maintain a happy, healthy, and productive household when the very thing that holds things up and keeps things together is crumbling. It’s important that you as a mother remain at your best, and remember that sometimes you have to love yourself first.

Life isn’t just for functioning in the world, you have to flourish. Don’t simply run on routine, and later realize you’re forgetting to stop and smell the roses. What’s your guilty pleasure? What is something that you do for you and only you, and when is the last time that you’ve actually done it? If you’re sitting there with a confused look on your face, let me answer that for myself and say that it’s obviously been way too long.

Now, this doesn’t always have to be something that’s monetary, because self care can take many different forms. Taking care of YOU, is in every aspect physical, mental, and emotional, so remember to keep that daily reminder to always take an hour (or two) for yourself. Do you meditate or do daily yoga to center yourself? Maybe retail therapy or personal pampering is more your thing. Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, take some time to do it for your own personal sanity.

Today I took some time out to enjoy the sound of ocean waves today. No crying, no yelling, no refereeing. Today I got to just have time for myself, and I loved my much needed time for me. This upcoming week, no matter when this post reaches you, I want you to think about how important it is for you to be more than just a mom. Remember who you were, who you are, and who you should remain everyday. A mother with her own identity, and a mother who loves herself.

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  1. Sometimes I forget I’m just a mom. A lot of times my husband and I don’t have a sitter so we always do things as a family so when I go out I’ll take my son. Now that he’s four I run and try and self care.

  2. This is a great reminder.We all need time for ourselves. I disagree with father’s “always” getting the title of “head of household.” I think that is older thinking and not so much in my generation, but I don’t doubt that it may be seen that way by some people.

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