How to Stock Your Freezer With Minimal Effort

How to Stock Your Freezer With Minimal Effort - Chic and Domestic
How to Stock Your Freezer With Minimal Effort – Chic and Domestic

I’ve been getting to know and love this extra freezer space in our new home! If you caught my last post “Ways to Cut Down On Food Waste in 10 Easy Steps” you’ll know that I’ve been trying to cut down on food waste in our house, and using the freezer has been a big part of that.

Stocking your freezer doesn’t have to just be freezer meals or processed foods. You can easily stock your freezer with useful and tasty things that taste 10 times better than something you grabbed from the freezer isle. Much healthier too!

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Buy In Bulk
Of course it’s easier to quickly stock your freezer when you’re buying things in bulk. The only difference between buying the smaller sizes that you normally buy and buying in bulk is the storage space needed. Buying in bulk makes it so much easier for me to plan ahead and not have the excuse of not having ready to make food already on hand on those busy nights.

Portion Meats
I like to separate all of our meat after we buy it in bulk. It makes it so much easier to just grab a freezer bag that is already portioned and ready to go versus having to thaw out an entire pack of chicken that I don’t need. It also cuts down on thawing time, and adds to your soon to be fully stocked freezer.

Portion Freezable Leftovers
Something that takes very minimal effort at all is freezing your leftovers. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of leftovers the following day, just freeze them. I’ve done this with soups, chili, and even extra meat from tacos or pasta. It actually tastes just as good weeks later if you freeze it correctly. Plus, I know exactly what went into it and it’s better than using something processed.

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Freeze Fruits and Veggies
Did you get lucky and catch a good sale on fresh fruits and vegetables? I use to try to keep my buying to a minimum with fresh fruits and vegetables, no matter how good deal was. In my mind that’s always the first thing to go bad in our house, why would I buy a bunch of fruits and vegetables and only make it through half of them? Not anymore! If I catch a great deal I’m buying it all. You can always portion out fruits and veggies for smoothies or smoothie bowls, or freeze vegetables to have as a side for dinner another day in the future. You can even go so far as turning simple vegetables into freezer meals, or even putting them together for stock.

Freeze the Unconventional
So many things can actually last just fine in your freezer. It’s not just for ice cream and oven pizzas. You can freeze bread, cheese, and even rice! Crazy right? Things that you wouldn’t normally think to freeze and keep on hand.

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Freeze Herbs in Olive Oil
I’m always so sad when it’s time to throw away my not so fresh herbs. It always felt like no matter how quickly I tried to use them up that they would always go bad, and at the time I didn’t have the option of growing my own little herb garden. Now I’m starting to freeze my herbs in olive oil and freezing them for later meals. It makes it easier to toss one or two into a dish and adding something extra to my meal.

What about you, have you tried any of these things to stock your own freezer?

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