What Type of Mom Are You, and Why Did You Start blogging?

What type of mom am I? I’m a tired type of mom. An uncensored type of mom. A mom with many tasks on her ‘To do” list, three toddlers, one husband, and one household to run. A chic mom, a mom of multiples, a frugal mom, millennial mom, cloth diaper mom, and a work at home mom. I’m here to share with you, tips and tricks on how I run my home, my way. One thing I’ve learned about mom life, is in order to make it through the day, you’ve got to have a plan. One that usually ends with your plan running off course, literally on fire, with a hub cap missing, but a plan that nonetheless ends up completed. After all, that’s what moms do, we get things DONE. You want tips for family budgeting, and how to stretch a dollar? I’m your girl. You want tasty and quick recipes that your family will love? I’m your girl. You want to learn the best way to hide from your children long enough to use the bathroom by yourself? Yea, I don’t know. I can’t help you with that. What I can do is share some of my knowledge, and things that work for me to get me through a busy week of managing a busy house. Whether that be how I meal plan, budget, schedule, or even occupy my kids. I get asked constantly, “Girl, How do you do it?” so I started to blog about it. I hope you can use my tips to help get through a busy day in your own home. I want to provide you with tons of relatable content, things that make you laugh on a trying day, and things that just make life easier. Momming is harddd work, but I’m happy to be here to help!

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    I had the opportunity to get nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and after looking at your blog, I wanted to nominate you too! The link below will give you all the info you need about the award, nomination, and your next steps! (please share this post!)

    Congrats, keep up the awesome work! You should be proud of yourself! If you’re interested in collaboration I can be contacted at the above email 🙂

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    1. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much. It means a lot with me still being so new at this, but I’m really happy that someone else sees how hard I’ve been working at this.

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