7 Budget Friendly Health and Fitness Hacks

7 Budget Friendly Health and Fitness Hacks – Chic and Domestic
7 Budget Friendly Health and Fitness Hacks – Chic and Domestic

Going on a health and fitness journey can be hard enough! Trust me, I’m doing it. Some days are great, some days are better than others, some days are difficult to push through.

Being a busy mom on a budget, I try to find ways to do everything with my wallet in mind. When I decided that it was really time to take my health, and fitness seriously, I went shopping. TOTALLY not necessary, but ehh doing a little bit of budgeted shopping makes me feel like I’m taking things a bit more serious. If I spend money on it, I’m going through with it! No questions asked.

Looking at my health as an investment, there were a few things that I wanted to purchase to better equip myself with what I needed to stay consistent.

1. Utilize the Outdoors
The most budget friendly fitness hack I can give is to utilize the outdoors. Go outside! Get yourself some much needed Vitamin D. It’s summer, sweat it out! Switch up how you do your daily workouts and change your scenery. Use your backyard or outside deck to do a quick 15 or 30 minute workout routine in between daily tasks. Instead of hitting the gym, go visit your local park or nature trail for a walk or run. I actually tried hiking this summer with my husband (the ex-military/aspiring personal trainer, yea that was fun) and it was a great workout for me.

2. Meal Prepping
Healthy eating has been so much easier for me without the need to stand in front of my refrigerator wondering what I’m going to eat. It also saves me from reaching for a snack vs reaching for a well balanced meal or snack. I’ve also been loving meal prepping for my grocery budget because it saves me from having food go to waste. Clean eating means a lot of fresh ingredients, and it sucks when things don’t get used before they go bad. Meal prepping along with my normal family meal planning has been a lifesaver thus far.

Check out some of my favorite meal prep containers here!

3. My Fitness Pal
Along with meal prepping, I’ve been tracking my food, water, and exercise intake with the free My Fitness Pal app. At first I found it to be tedious to keep up with, but after about a week of figuring out how it worked, I feel like it has really helped me to watch what I’m eating, and how much I’m eating.

*Fit Mom Tip: Try out Cronometer, Keto Diet Tracker, or Calorie Counter by FatSecret

4. Fitness Blender
I am in loveee with Fitness Blender. Did I mention that I love it? If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s hard to come up with general workouts, especially when you’re first starting a fitness journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to find workouts for a specific target area, or maybe you’re doing the same workouts and your body needs a change. Fitness Blender has been great for the days that I don’t have a ton of time, or I just need a quick workout routine that I can do in my living room without too much change to my already hectic schedule.

5. Planet Fitness
For the days that I am up for going to the gym, I like having my planet fitness membership on hand. It’s only $10 or $19.99 a month depending on the plan. You also get a few perks with the $19.99 black card membership. I don’t know about you, but that’s worth it to me to have 24 hour gym access. Gym memberships can get costly very quickly, but this has by far been the best gym option for me and my lifestyle.

6. Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a cost effective way to strength train in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great piece of workout equipment to have to help tone your entire body, work your muscles, and add variety to your at home workout routine. It’s pretty inexpensive compared to buying a large variety of weights for someone just starting out.

7. Jump Ropes
Jump ropes are another inexpensive piece of workout equipment that makes working out a breeze. They’re light weight and great for cardio. It’s a great replacement for a short run if the weather is working against you that day. #NoDaysOff! Utilize it at home, or even throw it in your bag to take along for an outdoor workout session.


If you’re interested in getting healthy and fit, join the 30 Day #FitMomFab Challenge here!

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The Importance of Being More Than Just a Mom

The Importance of Being More Than Just a Mom - Chic and Domestic

After a long week of doing the mom thing, and with a new busy week ahead, I’m learning the importance of reflecting back on my week. What I’ve learned, how I felt, and all of the tiny things that I didn’t take the time to appreciate. I need to start appreciating the importance of being more than  just a mom.

With my busy week finally coming to an end, my thoughts are lingering on something that I don’t believe I took enough time to appreciate; myself. I know I know, who has time to think about themselves when they’re busy being supermom? When you’re in charge of a tiny person or two, keeping your significant other’s head attached to his shoulders, and overall just making sure the house doesn’t burn to the ground, it’s easy to forget about yourself and put your needs on the back burner.

Fathers sometimes get the acknowledgment for being “the head of the household”, but in reality the mother is definitely, without a doubt, what holds the head in place to keep it balanced. Being a mother who does things alone can quite possibly make it even harder to find quality time for yourself, but the truth is, you have to MAKE TIME.

Fun fact, you can’t take care of everyone else all the time, when you aren’t taking care of yourself. Also, you can’t maintain a happy, healthy, and productive household when the very thing that holds things up and keeps things together is crumbling. It’s important that you as a mother remain at your best, and remember that sometimes you have to love yourself first.

Life isn’t just for functioning in the world, you have to flourish. Don’t simply run on routine, and later realize you’re forgetting to stop and smell the roses. What’s your guilty pleasure? What is something that you do for you and only you, and when is the last time that you’ve actually done it? If you’re sitting there with a confused look on your face, let me answer that for myself and say that it’s obviously been way too long.

Now, this doesn’t always have to be something that’s monetary, because self care can take many different forms. Taking care of YOU, is in every aspect physical, mental, and emotional, so remember to keep that daily reminder to always take an hour (or two) for yourself. Do you meditate or do daily yoga to center yourself? Maybe retail therapy or personal pampering is more your thing. Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, take some time to do it for your own personal sanity.

Today I took some time out to enjoy the sound of ocean waves today. No crying, no yelling, no refereeing. Today I got to just have time for myself, and I loved my much needed time for me. This upcoming week, no matter when this post reaches you, I want you to think about how important it is for you to be more than just a mom. Remember who you were, who you are, and who you should remain everyday. A mother with her own identity, and a mother who loves herself.

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