What It’s Like to Always Be a First Time Mom

What It's Like to Always Be a First Time Mom - Chic and Domestic

I feel like my week has gone by so quickly. One of my littles started part time preschool this week. No, I didn’t cry. Yes, I did sit on my couch for an hour confused of my current place in the world. Also yes, I did VERY much enjoy the brief silence that shadowed my house, until my twins decided to bring that to a halt.

As a mother, your world revolves around your children. If you’re a SAHM, your world literally revolves around your children. When I wake up in the morning, it’s go time. Immediately it’s time to get breakfast on the table, change diapers, fill sippy cups, and entertain tiny humans until naptime.

This week my “To do” list also consisted of getting my sweet baby girl ready for school. Crazy, I know. After getting her ready and off to school, like I said, I just sat on my couch thinking, “What do I do now?” This was just such a brand new experience for me.

During a conversation with a friend of mine, she spoke about how when it comes to your oldest child, you’ll always be a first time mom. I understood when she said it, but after this week, I completely over-stand what she meant. Your first child will always give you first time experiences. My daughter is my first child that I got to send off to school. She was also the first child I had to even go and enroll in school. That was a headache by itself, but that’s a story for another day. It was my first time going “Back to School Shopping,” although I know shopping for a preschooler was nothing compared to years to come. She gave me my first time doing a “Teacher Meet and Greet”, but most importantly she gave me my first time letting go.

I must admit, I was extremely nervous about my daughter starting preschool, but it never really made me sad to think about. There are a ton of first day of school videos and stories out there where the parents either cry, or throw themselves a party; I did neither. I more so felt like I was missing something. I’ve always wondered how I’d feel when my day finally came, and now that it has I’m having a hard time putting my emotions into words.

Reflecting back on it now, that day meant so much more than just getting her dressed and ready to leave, and saying goodbye. I’ll be able to do the same thing with my boys one day. Obviously as an experienced mom enrolling her kids for school, and going back to school shopping, and it will still be special because that day will be their day, but I’ll never get to experience the first day of school ever like how I did with my first born. Today, (days later) it actually makes me shed a mom tear to think back on it, because t’s really true that every moment with your children should be cherished.

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  1. I remember dropping off my son for preschool on his first day last year – it was heartbreaking! To think you’re not the sole influence in his life anymore. Sounds like you’re doing a great job, mama.

  2. Aw this is a great post. It’s so true that with your first you’ll always be a first time mom- I hadn’t even realized! There will always be something special about that.

    1. Thank you. I was originally just going with the motions, but this was such a big day! I live for these special mom moments lol. I really do.

  3. Ahh first day experiences are so heart wrenching.. due to both anxiety of mum and the toddler, well that’s what happened with me! You’re working the right thing mama! Those moments are close.

    1. It truly is. I miss when they were still tiny newborns, but deep down I’m still looking forward to their first day of High School.

  4. My babies haven’t started preschool, or daycare yet, but I’m sure when the day is here, and it’s time to let them go, I’m going to have hard time. Why do they have to grow up? Can’t they just stay as infants??

  5. aweee, what a sweet post! my daughter is only 7 months old & i already can’t believe it’s been that long. i’m a sahm so i’m not sure how i’ll take it once she’s in school! especially because we may be “one and done” so i really may just have one experience!

    1. Yes, it really doesn’t matter how old she gets, I still feel that first time mom feeling with all of it lol. Cherish every little thing. All of it is really significant and special.

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