Finding Positivity In Motherhood

Often times, we get so caught up on what we’re doing wrong, and what’s wrong with us, that we forget to love and appreciate all of the good things about ourselves, and the things that we do. This should be a constant rule to live by for anyone, because there is such significance in finding the positivity in your life. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin to see a world of a difference.

I know that personally, I don’t give myself enough credit as a mother. Sometimes I struggle to take the time to appreciate all of the many things that I actually do right. As parents, it’s so easy to want to fight to be the best parent you can be, and you absolutely should, but never at the expense of your own self care and self esteem.

I’ve had a rather frustrating week of parenting with my littles. I have one that has had energy levels through the roof, another one who is dealing with new found separation anxiety (Like, literally, I can’t even pee without him) and another one who really just wants to be happy and do his own thing, but that energetic sibling of his just wants to get in his way. I’ve had to be a referee, a teddy bear, and a wrangler of sheep. ALL WEEK LONG. I was beginning to wonder why are they acting this way? What am I doing wrong that this isn’t getting any better? Soon after that, I started to repeat in my head how I’m being too nice, how maybe I’m being too rough, maybe I’m yelling too much.

The reality is, that sometimes, kids will throw you curveballs. Every little phase of clingy isn’t due to a lack of attention that you may or may not be giving them. Sometimes, they just need the extra cuddles. Sometimes, they just wake up with an extra dose of energizer bunny. It’s not necessarily that you aren’t giving them enough play time.

As hard as my week has been, and as hard as I’ve been on myself trying to figure out what I could be doing wrong when tackling my kids, do you know what I did right? I held my son when he needed me to. After seeing my daughter race down our hallway for the millionth time, and trying (relentlessly) to get her to slow things down, instead I picked things up. I put on some music and I danced with her, obnoxiously. Which actually tired her OUT by the way. I tried. Sometimes trying, attempting, and possibly failing a few times along the way is enough.

It’s not that you aren’t doing anything right, it’s not that you aren’t doing enough, it’s that you aren’t looking at your positives correctly. Everything won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, and some things are worth crying about, but there are things that you could be doing worse. Appreciate what you have and what you do. Being a mother, your children appreciate you more than you could ever imagine. For every time you dwell on negatives in your life or in motherhood, remember that you have little people who are appreciating a million positive things about you, and all that you do for them.

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