Cloth Cleanup. Where Does The Poop Go?!

Cloth Clean Up. Where Does The Poop Go? - Chic and Domestic

In the second part of my cloth diapering series, it’s time to talk about the good bad and the smelly of the cloth diapering life. How to get babies out of the different systems, cleanup for the different systems, diaper sprayers, and diaper pails.

My biggest question before I started cloth diapering was one that was pretty obvious. “How do I clean up the poop!?” “Where does the mess go?” and even better, “Do I have to touch it?” These are some of the things that initially had me squishing up my face at the thought of trying to cloth diaper. Who really wants a bunch of diapers with smelly surprises sitting around until wash day, right?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not like any of the things that I thought. You’re first going to need to choose a preference for your dirty diaper storage. You should look into wet bags of various sizes for in the house, and on the go, diaper pails, which actually don’t need to be very fancy, or buying a simple trashcan, and diaper pail liners.

For diaper changes, NO, you don’t have to touch the poop. Not more than you would changing a disposable diaper. No matter what diaper system you’re using, you always want to make sure that you dispose of the “surprises” before washing. Now, if you’ve been a mom before, you know that there are stages to those surprises. If you’re a first time mom, then you’ll soon learn all there is to know about baby poop (Congratulations!)

Newborn poop is actually water soluble, so other than wiping your baby, you can just throw that diaper right into dirty storage until you’re ready to wash. Pretty simple. If you’re slightly OCD like I am, there are other things you can do for extra cleaning as well. Just to ease your mind. As your baby starts to grow, and eat different things, all of that begins to change and you’ll have to start disposing of things another way.

When it’s time for changing, you’ll need to wipe your baby as usual, disregard any used wipes, and toss the poop into the toilet. That’s right, the toilet. Who would have thought that the poop would be going exactly where the poop should be going! For messier diapers, it could be useful to look into a diaper sprayer. It’s by no means a requirement for cloth diapering, and I personally didn’t start out with one, but when I finally did make that purchase, I couldn’t imagine life without one! It made things so much easier.

Normal wet diapers can just be tossed into your dirty storage for washing. Based on your cloth diapering system, (For more information on diapering systems click here) this just consists of you separating the liners from the covers and tossing it in, or removing your inserts from the pocket and tossing it in. I’ve seen many moms say that you could actually skip that step with pocket diapers, and that they will agitate out during their wash, but I like to go ahead and separate them ahead of time, just as a personal preference.

After clean up, your diapers are all good to go, patiently waiting for wash day when you can get them smelling nice and fresh again. Cloth diaper wet bags, and pail liners will save your home from odor, and on wash day, all you have to do is flip them inside out and throw them into the wash with the rest of the laundry. I would also recommend keeping at least 2 bags or liners handy for interchangeable use.

Being a cloth diaper mama has been as experience! I’ve had a lot of trial and error, but as scary as it was initially for me when I started, I am still going strong, and poop is no longer a match for me.

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