How To Be A Productive Stay at Home Mom

How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom - Chic and Domestic
How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom - Chic and Domestic
How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom – Chic and Domestic

If you’ve been a SAHM for a while, then I’m sure you’re an expert by now. Or maybe you’re practically a professional, (Like me!) As much as I do in a day as far as keeping 3 little people alive and well, having so much flexibility with my days can sometimes put me in a rut if I’m not too careful. Back in your working days, how great would it have been to hear your alarm go off (the one telling you to get up and get ready for morning traffic) and actually been able to cover up and go back to bed for an extra hour of sleep, because your boss tells you its fineee I’m still tired too! YEAH, pretty amazing I bet. Well, for me personally, my little bosses telling me that I have an extra hour to sleep in usually means the start of one of our lazy days, which I like to keep at a minimum. Of course one of the perks of being a full time mom at home is that we get to do days of easy breakfast, movies and cuddling on the couch, and lots of undivided attention, but on a day to day basis, I like to wake up and cross a few things off of my “To Do” list first.

1. Get up and make your bed
A great start to any productive morning is to rise and shine, and make your bed behind you. It’s crazy what a simple task can do to get your day off on the right foot. I don’t know about you, but making my bed means that I’ve already accomplished something before even getting out of my pajamas. It also means that once I go through the trouble of making my bedding nice and neat, that I am less likely to have plans to get back in it! Don’t tempt me fluffy duvet cover, don’t tempt me.

2. Unload the dishwasher from the night before/ Put away dishes
Maybe you’re a mom that likes to do your dish washing in full every night. Me? Naah, not so much. I usually only have time to do about half before it’s time to move on to baths, reading, and bedtime. So, once I’m up and moving I like to head to the kitchen to either unload my clean dishes from the night before, or put away the hand washed dishes. And yes, I let them dry on the drying rack! Guilty as charged. This is something quick and easy to do, something that can be done while you’re already in the kitchen making breakfast or your morning coffee. The best part is, it can be yet another productive thing to cross off of your list. Little accomplishments for the win!

3. Start a load of laundry
I know the running joke is that no one ever finishes a full load of laundry in a day (Wash, Dry, Fold, AND put away) but sometimes getting started is half of the battle. We’re a larger family so we essentially wash clothes everyday. I’m sure we could manage to cut that down to multiple loads of laundry in less days, BUT … no one ever finishes a load of laundry in a day, right? So who is really about to finish 2, or even 3? Probably not this mama. Pace yourself.

*MomTip: Set an alarm to remind yourself to move your clean laundry over to the dryer. No one wants to come back hours later and find their soggy laundry still sitting.

Check out “10 ways to cut your household expenses” where I discuss how adjusting your laundry times could actually save you money.

4. Start breakfast
Breakfast is probably the favorite meal time for my children. Meaning one of the only times I can get them to eat up all of their food without complaints, or too much food thrown on the floor. It’s also one of my favorite meal times, because breakfast is by far the easiest to cook. It helps to have a meal plan in place, or things meal prepped in advance, and it’s definitely helpful when you’ve got hangry little ones ready for food.

Be sure to subscribe, and look out for my list of Toddler Breakfast Suggestions!

5. Clean Something
I try to stick this into my morning routine on a consistent basis. No room or area specifically, but I do like to get something cleaned before I move on with the rest of my day. It’s usually between me just cleaning up the kitchen during breakfast, like hand washing the dishes and pots and pans I just used, or cleaning and organizing something that I put on my list from the night before. So this could be cleaning out the refrigerator (Normally done on a Thursday), organizing the kids toys (Which is a great way to get them involved), or even getting out of the house every once in a while and taking the car to get washed. (Which my little ones hate lol) It’s surprising what I’m able to accomplish either while they eat, or that first 20 minutes of them getting into play mode.

P.S Now would also be a great time to throw your laundry in the dryer.

By this time in my house, I’ve usually done so many productive things that I’m just on a roll. I have time to just sit and play with my kids before they take a nap about 2 hours later. We read, color, or do puzzles. Some days I use this early morning time to continue my productivity, and I either pay bills, do things for my blog, or continue cleaning if something wasn’t done the night before.

It’s so important to start your day off being productive, especially as a stay at home mom. You have to stay upbeat and motivated, not only to keep up with your littles, but because sometimes without a big boss breathing down your neck, it gets easy to procrastinate.

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My Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you! Thank you! You’re far too kind. Guess who just got nominated for the Liebster Award? This girl right here. The lovely Ana over at nominated me, and I owe her great thanks. She runs a fabulous lifestyle blog where you get a sneak peek into her thoughts and her life. Make sure to check out a fellow boss babe, and give her some support.
With my acceptance of this award, I’m going to reveal a few random facts about myself, as well as answer a few questions from Ana. So one two three, let’s do this!

Random Facts About Me
• I’ve watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy, twice.
• I think that corny jokes are the best jokes.
• Once, when I was pregnant, I ate an entire jar of mini pickles .. inside of the store. I had a very interesting time explaining to the cashier why I was paying for an empty jar of pickle juice.

Questions from Ana (
1. What inspired you to start up your blog?
I had bounced around the idea of starting a blog for a while. I’ve always been a pretty decent writer, but for such a long time I felt like I didn’t have much to say. Would anyone even care to read what I had to say? One day I had to just get out of my own negative head space and just start blogging. I get asked all of the time, how do I handle this, how do I do that, and I realized that the best thing I had to offer was myself. My honest opinion on motherhood, and how I budget, and run my household.

2. What is your favorite post from your blog and why?
Hmm, my favorite post is probably When Supermom needs saving, because of the really honest content, but my meal planning 101 post is definitely some of my best work if I do say so myself lol.

3. If you could spend a day with anybody (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Definitely my husband, because we’re obsessed with each other. But really, he’s my favorite person on the planet. We laugh about nothing, we talk about everything, and I love that we can just be while not talking at all.

4. What has been your biggest learning lesson in life?
It’s not about what others think of you, it’s about what you think of yourself. It’s something that I’m still continuously learning daily.

5. What is the biggest misconception others might have of you?
A common misconception others have of me might be that I’m quiet and reserved in social settings because I think I’m too good to talk to anyone. I hate this SO MUCH. I’m actually quiet most of the times because I have a TON of social anxiety. I probably just have no idea what to say, it’s not because I’m too good to talk with everyone else.

6. A quote to live by.
“Get the money, dollar dollar bill yall!” Haha


My Nominee Picks

•Nicole Day (Hes-extraordinary)

•Ellen Fowler (Lifeinbetweenblog)

•Kassi Sherman (MilesandEllie)

•Dana Fridenstine (TheMamaNeedsCake)

•Rachel Catherine (TheEverydayMomLife)

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•Katie Landry (AHundredAffections)

•Julie Ware (MyMessyMamahood)

•Sarah Jean (ThisAwkwardMom)

•Isabelle Weber (LifeWithIsabelle)

Questions For My Nominees
1.What inspired you to start up your blog?
2.What is your favorite post from your blog and why?
3. If you could give a tip to a new blogger, what would it be?
4. What were you most concerned about before you started blogging?
5.What is something that you want readers to take away from your blog after reading?
6. Where do you see your blog going in the future?

Follow up with me!
Send me a comment below to let me know when you’ve accepted your award and completed your post. I can’t wait to read all of the responses from you guys!

Thanks again Ana for the nomination! I really do appreciate the support from a fellow blogger. If you want to check out Ana’s Liebster award post, you can do that here.

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The Blogger Recognition Award

So guess what guys! I’ve had the honor and privilege of getting nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely @StillJamieBlog. Make sure to check out her blog, and social media pages for some really incredible content.
So what exactly is a Blogger Recognition Award? This award is from bloggers given to bloggers who recognize and appreciate the hard work, dedication and many many hours we put into each and every post, as well as keeping the website current and updated.

How did Chic and Domestic come to life?
I’ve always been pretty gifted in the writing department, so it’s always been something that I’ve loved. It’s a great way to express myself and communicate my thoughts and feelings, but never did I think I would use that strength for blogging! Sooo I’m a natural plan ahead type of girl. I love my kids, I love to cook, I like my husband (most days) and I realized that this was what I had to offer. I get asked all the time, “How do you do it? How do you make that? How do you handle it?” I was pretty apprehensive at first to really put myself out there, and start to share so much of myself. I was also really worried that no one would really care what I had to say. After giving in to the self-doubt, and unnecessary anxiety of it all, I realized that no one would tell the same story how I would tell it, and no one is going to give the same advice and tips to run a household how I would give it. What I wanted to bring to the table is a whole lot of me. So anywho, I spent the money, I got a domain name, I started writing, and I’ve been at this for only 2 weeks now! (Can you believe that!?)

My two pieces of advice for my fellow blogger
Always remember that baby steps and small accomplishments are still worth a celebration. I’m a new blogger, and I’ve only been at this for a short amount of time. I don’t have a long list of sponsored posts I’ve done, and I can’t tell you that I’ve managed to receive a full time income just from blogging, BUT I can do a happy dance, because I’ve managed to make it to 100 likes on Facebook in the last week (My goal was 50 likes). I can also do a happy dance because I’ve managed to make it to 70 followers on Instagram (My goal was 50 followers). I know that when you see other bloggers with 1000+ followers it can get intimidating to be the little guy, but all of those bloggers started somewhere, and it didn’t just happen overnight.

Also, definitely, STAY CONSISTENT. I’m still figuring out a good schedule for posting, and engaging on social media. Outside of trying to become a full time blogger, I’m also a wife and mother sooo YES, life gets pretty chaotic at times. Even with a busy day, I’ve committed myself to posting at least two blog posts a week, and being active on at least one of my social media platforms daily. Don’t make excuses, find your daily or weekly goal for yourself, and reach it; EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Not only was I lucky enough to be nominated for this award, but I also get to nominate a few other boss babes who I feel qualify for the award as well. They definitely deserve it! If you’ve been nominated before, that’s fine, because there’s no such thing as too much recognition for HARD WORK.

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The Rules Are –

•Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

•Write a post to show your award.

•Give a brief story of how your blog started.

•Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

•Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

•Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

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What Type of Mom Are You, and Why Did You Start blogging?

What type of mom am I? I’m a tired type of mom. An uncensored type of mom. A mom with many tasks on her ‘To do” list, three toddlers, one husband, and one household to run. A chic mom, a mom of multiples, a frugal mom, millennial mom, cloth diaper mom, and a work at home mom. I’m here to share with you, tips and tricks on how I run my home, my way. One thing I’ve learned about mom life, is in order to make it through the day, you’ve got to have a plan. One that usually ends with your plan running off course, literally on fire, with a hub cap missing, but a plan that nonetheless ends up completed. After all, that’s what moms do, we get things DONE. You want tips for family budgeting, and how to stretch a dollar? I’m your girl. You want tasty and quick recipes that your family will love? I’m your girl. You want to learn the best way to hide from your children long enough to use the bathroom by yourself? Yea, I don’t know. I can’t help you with that. What I can do is share some of my knowledge, and things that work for me to get me through a busy week of managing a busy house. Whether that be how I meal plan, budget, schedule, or even occupy my kids. I get asked constantly, “Girl, How do you do it?” so I started to blog about it. I hope you can use my tips to help get through a busy day in your own home. I want to provide you with tons of relatable content, things that make you laugh on a trying day, and things that just make life easier. Momming is harddd work, but I’m happy to be here to help!

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