My Top 5 Cloth Diaper Brands

My Top 5 Cloth Diaper Brands - Chic and Domestic

I had such a hard time collecting my top 5 cloth diaper brands. And yes, I’ve tried out that many. Diving into the cloth diaper world can be completely overwhelming if you let it be, and I know that personally, I had no idea where to start in the beginning. My biggest help was choosing at least one cute print that I was in love with, and going from there. Cloth diapering can be a lot of trial and error in the beginning, but having prints that I loved really helped me stay motivated to make it work. It’s like those favorite pair of jeans that you’re determined to hop back into after pregnancy. They’re cute! They’re perfect, you could never give up and let them go to waste.

1. Alva Cloth Diaper

Alva Cloth Diapers definitely make my number one choice. They probably take up the majority of my cloth diaper collection. They’re in the lower price range (between $5 – $10) and they carry a TON of beautiful prints for little ones. I also love how easy they’ve been to purchase when I’m looking for new prints. They sell directly through their website, and they’re also available on Amazon. I was originally hesitant to purchase from them, thinking that maybe I should bite the bullet and spend more for quality, but we diaper 3 littles on a daily basis and these bad boys have held up GREAT. The pockets are a good size for stuffing the diapers, and we have never had any leaks, and no need for repairs as of yet. I’m nothing less than pleased with every purchase thus far.

2. Bitty Bum Baby

I can’t say enough about Bitty Bum Baby. I only own 3 of their diapers so far, but their prints (can you tell I’m a print snob?) are completely adorable. I was actually extremely pleased to find out that they’re a small owned business. Not only was I able to shop small, but I was also able to support a local business in the process. She had great customer service, and I love the relatable story behind her business being that she’s a work at home mom. The pocket size was perfect and I also got a few organic hemp inserts during a sale. When I say these inserts are my favorite hemp inserts, I mean it. No exaggeration. The diapers go for only $6.50, so right up alley for a mom trying to cover 3 booties.

3. Mama Koala

I could start by telling you that Mama Koala is the place to be if you’re looking for a wide variety of prints, but I’m sure you could have guessed that. I feel like Mama Koala Diapers are probably a great option for smaller babies. My twins always had the tinniest little legs, and even though these don’t have the hip adjustments like a lot of my other diapers, they still manage to fit them perfectly. I like the large pocket opening, but I must say I wish it elastic on both sides of the opening. It hasn’t been an issue for us thus far though, so no worries. I got my first set of these for $40 from Amazon. It came as a 6 pack with 6 inserts. All beautiful prints.

4. Lighthouse Kids Company

As much as I love my lower priced diapers, I had to give a little love to Lighthouse Kids Company for their amazing diapers. I only have one, (yes one) single diaper in my stash, but it’s been so sturdy and reliable. I love the elastic around the waist of the diaper, it’s equip with adjustable snaps, and hello guys, the prints! A downside is that I only see these diapers retail for around $20, which is more than I normally spend considering I try to buy multiple diapers at a time, but I would totally pay for the quality. Another downside is having access to these diapers to purchase them. I’ve yet to discover a direct website for them, they’re only located at other stores around The U.S and Internationally. So, while it is one of my favs, and I would totally recommend the purchase if you find one, I can’t say I see myself adding too many to my stash in the future.

5. Bum Genius 5.0

I didn’t start my journey buying a lot of Bum Genius diapers, even though I’ve always heard great things. It was just that they’re priced between $15- $20 and that wasn’t something I wanted to spend just in case the cloth life wasn’t for me. Now, being more experienced with cloth diapers, I’ve finally purchased a few and I love them. They’ve been great overnight diapers, the adjustable snaps are great, and the solid colored diapers are vibrant. I really feel like they provide enough options to fit just about any cloth mama, and her preferences for her little one.


Interested in more of my cloth diaper posts!? Looking to get into cloth diapering all together? Check out Part 1 of my “All About Cloth Series” to get you going, OR, read all about “What’s In MY Diaper Bag. Cloth Edition.

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Little Ocean’s Fluff Cloth Diaper Review

*DISCLAIMER* This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information, please refer to my disclosure page.

I had the pleasure of working with Little Ocean’s Fluff to provide you with this post and quick review. In case you’re unfortunately out of the loop, Little Ocean’s Fluff is a small Etsy shop that specializes in affordable cloth diapers. They also sell T-shirts, totes, stickers, and buttons. All to represent a little bit of cloth diaper love. They also work with a few other Work At Home Moms to create and design some of their accessory products, so shopping with them means support for a few hard working Mompreneurs (Which I am ALL for) and helping them to support their families.

It was such a pleasure working with Mala. She’s friendly, she responds to questions quickly, and she definitely delivers. These are all things that I normally look for when I’m shopping small, because I love the feeling of a personable purchase. It’s nice to feel like the owner is really working to provide you with a positive experience and a quality product. Something that can often get lost with larger companies.


My Honest Review

The Print

I received their I Pump Love Diaper. They also have a few other prints listed in their shop, but I chose this one specifically, because I exclusively pumped with my twins, and that’s something near and dear to me. I spent the first 2 ½ months away from my preemie babies, so initially nursing wasn’t an option, and eventually latching was a struggle. They were able to get breastmilk for a solid 8 months without nursing, so I’m all for the support of pumping liquid gold for your babies. Much like nursing, pumping is hard work, and some bodies don’t respond as well to a pump as it naturally would to your baby. So yay for pumping, and yay to Little Ocean’s Fluff for selling this print!

The Cut

It’s a one-size pocket diaper with snaps for both the rise and the waist. I cloth diaper 3 little ones, so this is the type of cover that we prefer to stick to for flexibility. It really provides the opportunity for a custom fit for each one of our children. For example, one of my twins has slightly chunkier thighs, and definitely a larger waist than my other son, and my daughter. I’ve used this cover on him, and also on my daughter to test out the fit.

Durability/ Quality

At this point I’ve washed the cover (two times from after use, one initial wash). I unfortunately also got to test out how the cover takes both pee, and poop. Nothing like breaking in a new cloth diaper like doing it with a diaper full of poop, right? I obviously haven’t had a ton of uses out of it, but the cover held up great during the few washes it did endure. There was no staining on the cover, which I always have to jump for joy for when trying out a new cloth diaper brand. Apartment living isn’t always conducive to sunning your diapers, so it’s great that everything came out with a simple wash. I didn’t notice any fading from the cover. In fact, it essentially looks the same as the day that I got it.

The overall quality of the diaper is a 10 in my book. I see no issues with the snaps, or the lining of the cover. I often see more affordable diapers get a bad rep for quality, but affordable DOES NOT mean cheap. Especially when it comes to this diaper.

The Price

Little Oceans Fluff specializes in cloth diapers of a more affordable price point, so this diaper is listed for only $8.50 along with their other prints. That’s a price that I can’t complain about. When I do cloth diaper purchases, that’s the price point that I try to stay in. Diapering of any kind can get pretty expensive when you’re covering 3 booties.

Overall, Little Ocean’s Fluff gets 5 snaps from me. I love supporting family business, shopping small, and finding a new quality diaper to add to my stash is just icing on the cake.


Please feel free to use my coupon code CHICDOMESTIC10 for 10% off your purchase with Little Ocean’s Fluff.

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What’s In My Diaper Bag (Cloth Edition)

What's In My Diaper Bag (Cloth Edition) - Chic and Domestic

What’s in my diaper bag, Cloth diapering on the go, and Momming like a BOSS.

Whether you’re a prospective mom, first time mom, or a mama with experience, you know that what’s in your diaper bag is the holy grail to a successful day out. Diaper bags contain everything under the sun, and anything that you could ever think to need for your littles. You would like to think that as time goes on the load gets lighter (literally speaking) but the truth is, the contents of your bag just slowly adjust.

The greatest way to mom like a boss, is to be prepared for any hiccups and mishaps your sporadic little person decides to throw your way, but you also don’t want your arms falling off from a heavy bag. Pack to be prepared, but don’t pack for the apocalypse. Diaper bags will give you a bad back or aching shoulders well before your time, and what mom wants that!?

It took me a few months to find my balance of what I needed and didn’t need, and my husband still thinks I have some searching to do. After three kids however, I would like to think I’m a pro at this diaper bag thing. I’ve decided to share with you which items are truly needed to pack the perfect diaper bag, and how to cloth diaper on the go.

Diaper Bag Needs

1. Diaper Bag
So obviously the need for a diaper bag is number one. Not necessarily an inside essential item, but for obvious reasons, you need to choose a good bag to start with. Now, any diaper bag will do, and if you simply can’t afford it there’s no need to splurge, BUT I would recommend investing in your diaper bag. I’ve always found a need for having two bags on hand at a time in case of spills, and normal mommy wear and tear, and there are numerous styles like the over the shoulder, (One of my favorites) tote style, and the backpack style diaper bag. As my kids get older, I’m starting to love the backpack style. It’s so much easier to be hands free, and not have to worry about my bag falling from my shoulders while I’m holding little hands. I love my over the shoulder bags and everything, and there are so many options now that look more purse like (Making me feel more like a woman, and not just mommy) but at times they can be a hassle to hold while wrangling the kids. I’m currently using my Carter’s Diaper Bag, but I also have backpack options as well.

2. Changing Pad and Wet bag
Most of the diaper bags today come with a matching changing pad. If not, you can always invest in one for a decent price. Changing pads are great for public changings, and containing a mess. I use the detachable changing pad that came with my Carter’s Diaper bag, and I also have a Skip Hop portable changing pad that’s incredibly useful for a quick on the go. A wet bag is essential for a cloth diaper mom on the move. A mom using disposables would just throw her diapers in the trash, or opt for disposable baggies, but because your cloth diapers have to return home with you, you need to make sure to have a spare wet bag. I like to bring two (When I remember lol) one for #1 and a bag for #2. I have some pretty cute Alva and Planet wise bags that I alternate.

3. Diapers and Inserts
Of course diapers are on the diaper bag essentials list. With cloth diapers, they take up a bit more space in the diaper bag, so I normally pack 1 or 2 prepped diapers, and a few extra inserts and covers. I normally pack at least 1 diaper for a 2 or 3 hour trip, 2 diapers just in case. I like to be prepared for blow outs.

*Mom Tip!* Depending on what bag I’m using, and how long we’ll be out, I find that rolling my covers and inserts saves me a ton of space.

4. Baby wipes, Cloth Wipes, Cloth Wipe Solution
Where there are diapers, there are wipes. I’m a cloth diaper mom, but when it comes to wipes, I like to stick to my Pampers Naturals or Water Wipes. Plenty of cloth moms, along with their diapers, also use cloth wipes however so there are a few extra things needed for that. For after use disposal they would also be coming home with you, so this is also a great reason to bring along 2 separate wet bags. Diapers and wipes together can eventually take up a lot of space. If you currently use cloth wipes, it’s possible that you already know all about cloth wipe solution. I’ve seen moms that emerge their wipes in a solution for moisture (much like disposable wipes) and others that just prefer to spray them before use. Either way, a bottle of backup solution would be great to have on hand.

5. Change of Clothes
For obvious reasons a change of clothes is ALWAYS necessary to keep handy in your diaper bag. Kids are just messy! They can’t help it. They spill things, they drool, they pee, they poop. A change of clothes quite frankly is an inevitable need for your little’s diaper bag. I normally pack neutral clothing that can be thrown together with whatever they’re already wearing when needed.

6. Rash cream, Toiletries, Medications
I always make sure to keep a plastic ziplock bag full of these items. This is where I always feel extra prepared for the unthinkable. I keep things like:
• Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream
• Vaseline for Baby or Aquaphor
• Lotion
• Gas drops
• Hand Sanitizer
• Nipple Cream (from my breastfeeding days)
• Zarbee’s Cold Medicine (Seasonal)
• Sunscreen (Seasonal)

7. Snacks, Sippies, and Bottled Water
Snacks for the littles, snacks for a breastfeeding mama, sippies, and bottled water has come in handy on several occasions. When breastfeeding, it’s important to stay hydrated, if you’re formula feeding, water could come in handy for mixing bottles, and I’ve also had bottled water come in handy for sticky clean ups while we’re out and about. Invest in a reusable water bottle to save a few long term coins. My littles are all done with bottles now, so we drag along their sippy cups for their hydrating.

8. Receiving Blankets
Receiving blankets can be used for multiple uses and I ALWAYS pack at least 2 in my diaper bag. When my children were babies, I would keep spare receiving blankets for swaddling, or covering their carseat. As they started to get older, I used them for things like play or tummy time while we were visiting family, burp cloths, or a makeshift changing pad at times. It’s a great idea to have a few on hand, and get innovative with their uses.

9. Toys
Always always always keep at least a toy or two handy for your littles. You never know when your child might need some extra entertaining. I try to bring things along like blocks (My daughter’s favorite), puzzles, and color books or loose paper, and a few crayons to color.

10. Mommy stuff
A diaper bag is obviously there to serve the needs for your baby’s essentials, but it’s such a hassle to bring along both a diaper bag and your purse at times. Don’t forget to pack little things for yourself. Your cell, keys, and wallet are hard to forget, and are normally the only things that I bring along for myself. Breast pads, lotion, or a small makeup bag could also be of use. Also, depending on where we plan to go, I always try to double check what’s already in there and adjust.

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Washing Your Cloth Diapers.

Dos and Don’ts, Wash routine, Detergents, Mom Tips, and Sunning Your Diapers.

Here it is, here it is! My official “How To” on washing your cloth diapers in its entirety. I’ve discussed all of the good, bad, and the smelly in this three part beginners guide entitled the, “All About Cloth” series. I’ve broken down the normal how, why, and where questions about cloth diapering, in Cloth How? Cloth Where? Cloth Why? And I even shared some very useful and very honest tips in my post, Cloth Clean Up. Where Does The Poop Go? I’ve kept it simple, thorough, and to the point so far, and this will be no different.

No need to overwhelm yourself with the notion that washing your cloth diapers will be nothing but a hassle. Every cloth diaper mom will tell you, but doing diaper laundry really shouldn’t be any harder than doing a regular load of laundry. Although, who really likes laundry day anyway? You’ll obviously want to take a few extra steps to keep up the longevity of use with your diapers, but nothing that would make the process too strenuous. I prefer to wash my diapers every 1-3 days. 3 being the longest I would EVER wait to do a wash. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to really get your diapers clean in my opinion. Realistically, I probably do diaper laundry every 2 days. I do have to cover 3 booties, so things pile up a lot quicker than it would for someone with only one child in the home.

Products To Use/ Products to Avoid

Use: Make sure to use a fragrance free detergent that is also free of enzymes and extra additives (whitening and brightening ingredients) just to be on the safe side. If you’re cloth diapering a newborn, it’s even smarter to be cautious of what detergent you’re using to wash your diapers. You always run the risk of irritating your baby. I must admit, I’ve used a regular, scented Tide detergent before, and no, I didn’t kill all of my precious diapers in the process.

Mom Tip! If you find that your diapers have detergent buildup (they’re not getting clean, they’re less absorbent), you may need to experiment to make sure that the detergent you’re using is compatible with your water. Also make sure that you’re not using too much detergent. An excessive amount of detergent will make it harder for your washer to rinse out.

Don’t Use: Fabric Softeners. Long term, it can effect the absorbency of your diapers. Much like detergent, you also run the risk of irritating your baby’s skin.

Use: A good odor eliminator for diaper washing is baking soda (about half a cup per load). Another option is to add white vinegar (about one cup per load) to the rinse water, but this is NOT always recommended by manufacturers. Be sure to read your labels for laundering. In addition to helping with odors, vinegar helps to soften the diapers. I don’t use white vinegar personally, just to avoid having to sort or run the risk of ruining anything. I would prefer to keep my routine simple.

Don’t Use: BLEACH. Although many cloth diaper gurus will tell you to avoid it like the plague, I say bleach goes on both lists. DO use bleach to fight infection (yeast or diaper rashes) but DON’T rely on it in a regular wash routine. Bleach breaks down fibers in cloth diapers that can cause them to deteriorate. It can also ruin your adorable covers if you aren’t super careful. Add bleach to the rinse water sparingly to avoid mishaps.

Washing Your Cloth Diapers

Always be sure to wash your diapers in a separate load from regular laundry. Clearly you wouldn’t want smelly diapers washing around with your new sweater, would you? You can however, toss in your covers, inserts, and cloth wipes all together unless they have special washing instructions.

Try not to overload your machine. You want them to get a really good toss around the washer to ensure that they’re as clean as possible. Diapers that are suffering from those clean, but not so clean washes will be highly ineffective when it’s time to use on your little one, and no mommy wants that.

It will depend on the specific size of your washer, but about 2 dozen diapers is a good cut off point for load size. Having 3 kids in cloth diapers, when I do my cloth diaper laundry sometimes it’s a lot easier for me to just do two separate washes and split up the covers (because we’re a pockets family!) and our various inserts.

Mom Tip! If your family uses diaper systems with more fabric than a normal cover or pocket diaper, I would highly recommend separating your AIO (All in One) cloth diapers from any inserts or cloth wipes to make sure they’re washed thoroughly.

Step 1. Do a pre rinse in cool/warm water to remove any excess urine and stinky stuff. I think it all comes down to preference really. I’ve read that cold water use is better to avoid stains, and why use extra hot water when you don’t need to, and I’ve also read that urine is more easily removed with warmer temperatures. I say go with your gut on this one!
Step 2. Do a heavy duty wash in warm/hot water with your chosen detergent.
Step 2 ½. (Optional) If I’m finding my diapers to be extra smelly this go around, I’ll normally go ahead and do a second regular wash in cold water with less detergent. I just love for my diapers to really feel clean, and this really helps to ease my mind a bit. Lingering odor can mean lingering bacteria and germs. NOT GOOD.
Step 3. Do a short rinse in cold water to remove any missed detergent. I find an extra rinse to be very important. You want to try your best to avoid product build up.
Step 4. Hang dry or tumble dry your diaper laundry.

Drying Tips

Avoid using extreme heat on your cloth diapers. This should apply throughout your entire wash routine, but definitely during drying to avoid damage.

Mom Tip! If your family uses diapers with Velcro fasteners vs snaps, be sure to close them to prevent linking or damage in the dryer.

Line drying is always an option for drying your cloth diapers. For the crunchy moms, it’s environmentally friendly, and for the frugal moms, it’s definitely cost efficient! This always provides a great window of time for sunning if you’re line drying outside. Sunning your diapers is the cheapest, and easiest way to help whiten your diapers just by giving them some tanning time.

Hang drying or line drying your diapers can sometimes cause a bit of stiffness, in which I would just recommend a quick tumble in the dryer to loosen them up.


Be sure to check out What’s In My Diaper Bag. (Cloth Edition!) or some of my cloth diaper reviews, here on my blog.

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Cloth Cleanup. Where Does The Poop Go?!

Cloth Clean Up. Where Does The Poop Go? - Chic and Domestic

In the second part of my cloth diapering series, it’s time to talk about the good bad and the smelly of the cloth diapering life. How to get babies out of the different systems, cleanup for the different systems, diaper sprayers, and diaper pails.

My biggest question before I started cloth diapering was one that was pretty obvious. “How do I clean up the poop!?” “Where does the mess go?” and even better, “Do I have to touch it?” These are some of the things that initially had me squishing up my face at the thought of trying to cloth diaper. Who really wants a bunch of diapers with smelly surprises sitting around until wash day, right?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not like any of the things that I thought. You’re first going to need to choose a preference for your dirty diaper storage. You should look into wet bags of various sizes for in the house, and on the go, diaper pails, which actually don’t need to be very fancy, or buying a simple trashcan, and diaper pail liners.

For diaper changes, NO, you don’t have to touch the poop. Not more than you would changing a disposable diaper. No matter what diaper system you’re using, you always want to make sure that you dispose of the “surprises” before washing. Now, if you’ve been a mom before, you know that there are stages to those surprises. If you’re a first time mom, then you’ll soon learn all there is to know about baby poop (Congratulations!)

Newborn poop is actually water soluble, so other than wiping your baby, you can just throw that diaper right into dirty storage until you’re ready to wash. Pretty simple. If you’re slightly OCD like I am, there are other things you can do for extra cleaning as well. Just to ease your mind. As your baby starts to grow, and eat different things, all of that begins to change and you’ll have to start disposing of things another way.

When it’s time for changing, you’ll need to wipe your baby as usual, disregard any used wipes, and toss the poop into the toilet. That’s right, the toilet. Who would have thought that the poop would be going exactly where the poop should be going! For messier diapers, it could be useful to look into a diaper sprayer. It’s by no means a requirement for cloth diapering, and I personally didn’t start out with one, but when I finally did make that purchase, I couldn’t imagine life without one! It made things so much easier.

Normal wet diapers can just be tossed into your dirty storage for washing. Based on your cloth diapering system, (For more information on diapering systems click here) this just consists of you separating the liners from the covers and tossing it in, or removing your inserts from the pocket and tossing it in. I’ve seen many moms say that you could actually skip that step with pocket diapers, and that they will agitate out during their wash, but I like to go ahead and separate them ahead of time, just as a personal preference.

After clean up, your diapers are all good to go, patiently waiting for wash day when you can get them smelling nice and fresh again. Cloth diaper wet bags, and pail liners will save your home from odor, and on wash day, all you have to do is flip them inside out and throw them into the wash with the rest of the laundry. I would also recommend keeping at least 2 bags or liners handy for interchangeable use.

Being a cloth diaper mama has been as experience! I’ve had a lot of trial and error, but as scary as it was initially for me when I started, I am still going strong, and poop is no longer a match for me.

*DISCLAIMER This post contains affiliate links. If you shop using my link, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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